(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
Architectural structure
1. edifice, structure, construction. See form, production, architecture.
2. house, home, abode.
3. (types of buildings) A-frame, prefab, Quonset hut, ranch house, saltbox, split-level; acropolis, basilica; balok, bower, cabin, Cape Cod, cottage, izba, jacal, log cabin, Nissen hut, outbuilding, outhouse (See cleanness), shack, shanty, shebang; barracks, dormitory, apartment, boardinghouse (See abode); house, loft, maisonette, semidetached, tenement, town house, duplex, triplex; fixer-upper, handyman's special; carriage house, garage, hangar; high-rise, skyscraper; low-rise; conservatory, greenhouse; blockhouse, bunker; mall, market, plant, rialto, shop, stall, stand, supermarket, tavern, terminal, warehouse, washhouse; pyramid, tholos; pagoda, stupa, yurt; arena; bathhouse, cabana, chalet, gazebo, kiosk, resort; booth, crib, lean-to, shed, woodshed; tent, pavilion; temple; tower, barbican, belfry, bell tower, campanile, donjon, flèche, lou, obelisk, observation tower, spire, turret, ziggurat.
4. (building parts and materials)
a. arch, keystone, quoin.
b. beam, berm, boom, box beam, built-up beam, bulwark, chord, collar beam, common rafter, cripple, cross bridging, crossbar, crossbeam, crosstie, flitch, girder, H-beam, haunch, headpost, hip rafter, I-beam, jack rafter, joist, keystone joist, king post, ridge beam, ridgepole, scantling, stanchion, stud, tail, tie beam, timber, trave, trimmer, truss beam, valley rafter, wale bracket.
c. board, batten, crib, lath, lattice, panel, shim, slat, strake, plank.
d. column, pier, baseplate, piloti, pole.
e. door, [door] frame, [door] jamb, reveal, head, latch, lintel, rail, sill, sill plate, stile, stop, strike plate, threshold, transom.
f. floor, floor joist, floorboard, sleeper, subfloor, underlayment.
g. foundation, bearing pile, caisson, footing, girder pocket, soleplate, sump.
h. [dovetail, lap, expansion, foliated, or knuckle] joint, beam pocket, chamfer, framing, bondstone, gain, gusset, joggle, mortise, notch, rabbet, scab, tenon, tongue-and-groove joint.
i. cornice, molding, fascia, frieze, trim.
j. [barrack, butterfly, flat, gambrel, helm, hip-and-valley, hipped, jerkinhead, mansard, monopitch, pantile, pitched, pyramid, rainbow, sawtooth, shingle, skirt, slate, or thatched] roof, roofing, angle rafter, awning, counterflashing, gutter, leader, plancier, purlin, rake, roof plate, gable, chimney, crest, cullis, dome, geodesic dome, lean-to, gutter, scupper, cupola, chimney pot, cowl, eave, dormer, sheathing, soffit, valley.
k. stair, staircase, platform, baluster, landing, newel, nosing, rise(r), run, stringer, tread.
l. support, anta, bailey, brace, bracket, bridging, building block, buttress, cantilever, ceiling joist, cleat, crutch, frame, grate, header, jack, lally column, ledger, lookout, pilaster, pile, plate, post, rafter, ribbon, sandwich panel, shoring, skid, spar, standard, steel framing, strut, tierod, truss, W-beam, waler.
m. [bearing, load-bearing, perpend, Trombe, retaining, nonbearing, dead, curtain, exterior, or interior] wall, baseboard, baseshoe, louver, bulkhead, fire wall, firestop, furring, gable end, partition, siding, clapboard, clerestory, coping, cornerstone, template, top plate, wall section.
n. window, bay window, oriel, bow or compass window, bull's-eye window, œil de bœuf, Diocletian or Palladian window, dormer, double- or single-hung window, French window, picture window, porthole, quarrel, Judas hole, lancet window, rose window, roundel, skylight, storm window, transom, embrasure, jamb, sconcheon, fanlight, casement, mullion, muntin, sash, stool, windowpane.
o. turret, bartizan, bastion, battlement, crenel, crenelation, merlon.
5. building trades; builder, contractor, designer, architect (See architecture); bricklayer, cabinetmaker, carpenter, construction worker, electrician, engineer, glazier, interior decorator, mason, painter, paperhanger,
plasterer, plumber, rigger, roofer, stonemason, tilesetter, woodworker.
Verbs — build, construct, erect, put up, raise, frame.
Quotations — Houses are built to live in and not to look on (Francis Bacon), Light (God's eldest daughter) is a principal beauty in building (Thomas Fuller), When we build, let us think that we build for ever ( John Ruskin), A house is a machine for living in (Le Corbusier), The most beautiful house in the world is the one that you build for yourself (Witold Rybczynski).
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A structure]
Syn. edifice, structure, construction, erection, fabrication, fabric, house, framework, superstructure, frame, architectural construction, pile, outbuilding; see also apartment house , architecture , barn , castle , church 1 , factory , home 1 , hotel , motel , palace , skyscraper , temple .
2. [The act of building]
Syn. erection, raising, construction, fabricating; see construction 1 .
Syn.- building is the general term applied to a fixed structure in which people dwell, work, etc.; edifice implies a large or stately building and is sometimes used figuratively [ the edifice of democracy ] ; structure may also suggest an imposing building, or may be used when the material of construction is being stressed [ a steel structure] ; pile is applied in poetry and lofty prose to a very large building or mass of buildings
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
structure, edifice, construction, erection, high rise, *skyscraper, superstructure, framework.
arches, series of: arcade
brickwork laid in checkered pattern: checkerwork, basketweave
brickwork with alternating courses of bricks laid sideways (stretchers) and head-ways (headers): English bond
brickwork with every other brick laid headways (header): Flemish bond
concrete embedded with steel mesh, bars: reinforced concrete
face: facade
gallery between two main stories: mezzanine
inscribed stone: cornerstone
inscription on: epigraph
material: brick, mortar, concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, wood, adobe
monstrous ornament: gargoyle, grotesque
nonopening window: deadlight
outside corner: quoin
rooftop safety wall: parapet
round, domed: rotunda
shelflike projection: cornice
support: joist, beam, girder, pier, buttress, flying buttress
window design, arrangement: fenestration
wing: annex, ell, bay
(Roget's Thesaurus II) noun A usually permanent construction, such as a house or store: edifice, pile, structure. See MAKE.

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